Tuesday, 1 December 2009

All the food blogs...

I've just been trawling through the 'Next Blog' button on several blogs. And they're almost all about food! Allergy-food, Jewish food, 50s food, frugal food... I couldn't believe how many of them were all about food. And they were all fairly recently updated, which was good. It really annoys me when you find a blog that hasn't been updated for 4 years. You're taking up valuable space!

So while most people are blogging about Thanksgiving in America, baking for Christmas and so on, I have some catching up to do. My husband has complained that my blog is a bit too perfect, and has the potential to be annoying, so I need to blog about Hugh Fearley-Whittingstall's Pear and Almond Cake.

We saw this on the River Cottage programme and had some leftover pears. Tim is off Chocolate as part of his training for the London Marathon (follow his blog here) so I thought that this fitted the requirements.

It tasted good, but did burn slightly around the edges. So, definitely not perfect. But still tasty.

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