Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bread making for date night

Since we've had a baby, we have instigated a regular date night. This is an at-home event; we can't have babysitters every week! However, it is really good fun, and allows us to have a child-free time where we can focus on each other.

My husband has added a twist to date night: each night must be themed alphabetically. So last week, he took 'A', and we ate alphabet spagetti, asparagus, artichokes and amaretti biscuits. This week, I took on 'B.' Our menu included Beer and Beef Pie, beans and broccoli, and Baked Alaska. I'll hopefully post about the dessert later.

Our activity was bread-making - well, bread shaping. I made the dough in the breadmaker, and then we shaped our loaves when my husband came home from work. They proved while we put the baby to bed, and then we baked and ate them with our meal.

I egg-washed mine; my husband's rolls are more rustic!